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Sharp Compatible Toner Powder Products

Indian Toners manufactures, excellent quality compatible, Universal Type toner for use in digital copiers by Sharp (AR series). Indian Toners also manufactures compatible toners for the older analogue machines offered by Sharp, which are still popular in many of the emerging markets of the world.

At Indian Toners, we always strive hard to meet and surpass customers’ expectations, which is part of our work culture. We do that consistently by providing them excellent quality products and great customer service.

Our effective pricing policy and uncompromising focus on quality have always been instrumental in expanding our loyal customer base.

MSDS and performance reports available on request.

View our product list below:


For use in Model: AR-5316/AL-1000Compatible with
  • AR-160/161/200/205, 1600 Series (AR-152MT)
  • AR-162/163/164/201/207, M160/ M162/M205/M207 (AR-202MT)
  • AR-501/505/507 (AR-500MT)
  • AL-1010/1041 1200/1220/1250/1520/1521/1641/1651/1655CS, AR-120/150 series (AL-100TD, AL-100DR, AR-150MI, AR-150TD)
20 kg / Bulk
For use in Model: AR M550Compatible with
  • AR M620/700
20 kg / Bulk
For use in Model: AR-5618Compatible with
  • AR-5620/5623 (MX 235)
20 kg / Bulk
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MSDS for our products are available on request

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*We can also provide customised packing as per buyer's requirement

**ITDL products are manufactured under strict quality control standards. However, the performance & suitability of a product for the customer purpose depends on particular conditions of use. As such we suggest that customers test and evaluate producs to ensure their suitability for meeting their requirement in all respects