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Toner Technology

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In the present times, toner technology offers two choices to the general public in the types of toners available. They are Chemically Produced Toner (C.P.T.) and Mechanically Produced Toner (M.P.T.). The names refer to the manner in which they are produced.

M.P.T. (Mechanically Produced Toners) – also known as Conventional or Pulverized toners. It is a “top down” process in the sense that a large mass if compounded toner is pulverized into micro-sized toner particles.

C.P.T. (Chemically Produced Toners) – manufactured by Suspension, Emulsion/Aggregation, Encapsulation etc processes. It is a “bottom up” process since the toner particles are grown from molecules using chemical synthesis & other physical properties. Smaller particles allow the fuser to heat & fuse at a lower temperature, thereby speeding the printing process and saving of energy. Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint. Chemical toner is greener than the conventionally produced toners by the pulverizing method in that it is said that CO2 emissions are lower by as much as 1/3rd and also produce about 30% less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

While mechanically produced toner processes have matured over the past 50 years and are now well established, the Chemically produced toner processes are gradually making strides.

ITDL offers Chemical Color Toner.

ITDL as a forward-looking company is always on the move to provide customers state-of-the-art quality products at reasonable prices.

The foregoing toner features:
  • True vivid colors - means beautiful prints.
  • High color strength, better resolution and optimum gloss - means life-like images.
  • High transfer & low waste - gives higher productivity.
  • Low melting with good fusing - saves energy.

ITDL Products

Chemical Color Toner, Laser Toner, Copier/Digital Toner
Wide Format Copier & Printer Toner
Packaging, MICR Printer Toner

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Production enhanced from 3000 tons to 3600 tons

Indian Toners Participated in Remax World Expo 2016, Zhuhai, China

Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. has recently invested in a solar power generation plant, for in-house power consumption

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