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Copier/Digital Toner

ITDL Toner NameeStudio 3008A/2508A
OEM Part /Cartridge Number
Compatible with

 eStudio 3508A/4508A/5008A Coming Soon

ITDL Toner NameeStudio 457
OEM Part /Cartridge Number
Compatible with
Type T-5070 P

eStudio 257/307/357/507 Coming Soon

MSDS for our products are available on request

For more information on our products, please contact export@indiantoners.com

*We can also provide customised packing as per buyer's requirement

**ITDL products are manufactured under strict quality control standards. However, the performance & suitability of a product for the customer purpose depends on particular conditions of use. As such we suggest that customers test and evaluate producs to ensure their suitability for meeting their requirement in all respects