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Toner Industry Media Report ITDL's Move into the US Market – News Reports

 In response to a surge in Global Toner sales, ITDL expands its operations by setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in Florida, USA - namely, Indian Toners U.S.A Company and a warehouse has been set up to stock all the popular products of ITDL. The wholly-owned subsidiary will also fulfill customized orders and bulk packaging needs of the American Market. 

The American operations will be led by industry veteran Mr. Alan Kronstat, who is its new General Manager. He'll handle sales and help the company serve the world's biggest market which is North, South and Central America. 
Industry's reputable magazines/news portals including The Recycler and Recycling Times have been covering the story closely as these developments will have significant impact on the US Toner market. You can read the news reports here – 
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