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Quality Toners are cheaper in the long run

Posted by: Administrator on 29 April 2013 08:05
Indian Toners & Developers Ltd is a world class toner manufacturer with quality as its primary emphasis. In India and a lot of other developing countries, the general bent of mind of the users of compatible toners is to go for a cheaper price. They are more concerned with price and less concerned with quality. They will be more exited by the prospects of paying a lower price for a product upfront and not worry about its quality, whether it is a lighter print, or prints are having a slight background. However, most customers do not realize, that in the long run, a toner purchased from an inferior quality toner manufacturer, who has used lower quality raw material and does not follow the standard and stringent practices of toner manufacturing, will always hurt the customer. Why is this? The yield per page (for example if a printer cartridge has a  standard fill of 100 grams) would always be significantly higher if the customer buys toner from a quality toner manufacturer like In... [More]
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